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Celebrating over 51 years providing COBOL tools, support, and services to our clients.

ESI Golden Anniversary

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ESI celebrates 51st anniversary - 01/21/2024
ESI celebrates 51st anniversary of quality products and services

ESI 2024 Holiday Schedule - 12/01/2023
2024 holidays for ESI Customer Support

ESI celebrates Golden anniversary - 01/21/2023
ESI celebrates 50th anniversary of quality products and services

ESI 2023 Holiday Schedule - 12/23/2022
2023 holidays for ESI Customer Support

ESI celebrates 49th anniversary - 01/21/2022
ESI celebrates 49th anniversary of quality products and services

COBOL: Migration, Modernization or Maintenance

Wherever you want to go, ESI will get you there!

Legacy System Migration 

If you have a critical system that you'd like to convert away from Unisys or other mainframe technology, from mainframe or other COBOL to another platform using COBOL, or even from COBOL to another language, we can help.


Application and Database Modernization

If you'd like to extend your legacy system by modernizing the technology that it uses, we can assist you renovate your application's user interface while keeping your key business logic intact. With tools like COBOL-IT, you can breathe new life into COBOL apps.

If you have systems that are critical and written to support outdated user interface methods, you have options. We can put the right combination of technologies in your hand that will preserve the core business logic but allow you to build a Windows or browser-based UI to meet your overall technology vision.

  • Move to a database which allows you to integrate your data, share it the way you'd like and use current reporting technology.
  • Do you have critical data that's very hard to get to and use? We can help you. With the combination of migration automation and our vast knowledge of database fundamentals, we can put that key information back in your hands where it should be!


Maintenance of your legacy code base

If you have key code changes or just basic upkeep to be done on your legacy system, we can do it for you and keep your costs and risk in control. Focus on your evolving technology initiatives and let us keep these older apps in shape.

Our legacy experts have an average of more than 30 years of experience in supporting, maintaining and enhancing critical inheritance systems. From design to issue tracking to project management and control, we can shoulder this burden for you so that you can concentrate on your core business focus.